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Minimalist Design // a journey inside Bali Home Decor

Minimalist Design // a journey inside Bali Home Decor- It’s impossible to disagree with the serenity and simple beauty involved in a minimalist interior. Simplicity, lightness spaces,  clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic and functionality go hand in hand when you talk about minimalism. 

To help you to join minimalist design into your home, Asian Interior Design crafted a guide with unique ideas, with a touch of Balinese homes!

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A minimalist design incorporates open space, lots of light, greens, and simple line furnishings that are well-built. 

minimalist design

Hera Round II Suspension Lamp

The design thrives on the beauty of the clear forms and the materials, but not need to be boring. This is where the use of light, forms, beautiful materials, and monochromatic is so essential.

In the bathroom is usual to incorporate gold materials and black furniture. “Apart from the elegant and luxury statement, it also gives blending the contemporary chic urban attitude” – this is what Maison Valentina aimed to deliver in your luxurious bathroom projects.  

minimalist design

Bathroom Maison Valentina


Everything should be functional and add value to the space.

In minimalist decor less is more, so it’s important to think in items not just for “one more” but for its function. For example, in a dining room, you need a table and chairs. These pieces need to speak to one another and relate in regards to things like line, color, material.

minimalist design

Dining Chair by Essential Home

minimalist design

Ardara Console by Brabbu

Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period – were the inspiration behind the Ardara Console by Brabbu.

If we stop to think about what we need, we conclude that it is not necessary so many things; we can live in any space with a lot less.

How many sofas do we really need? How many chairs? Do we need to hang pictures at all on walls? Maybe only on one wall? Or on none?minimalist designminimalist design

The secret for minimalist style is thinking on the essentials in a practice way and also in a personal way. If you only need one Console choose the one that adds value to your space.

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Minimalist Design // a journey inside Bali Home Decor

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