TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari

TOP Interior Designers in Bali – Zohra Boukhari

Award winning Moroccan Designer, Interior Decorator, Event Planner and Project Co-ordinator, Zohra Boukhari, has been working on and from Bali for the last two decades, as well as completing projects across the globe notably in Paris, Bangkok, Morocco and China.

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-Villa-Balquisse-Jimbaran-Bali
Villa Balquisse, Jimbaran, Bali

Her unique designs in furniture, interiors, soft furnishings, fashion, fabrics, architecture, restaurant concepts and outfits, boutiques, boutique residences, villas, hotels and even spas as well as having a distinct eye for art, artifact and antique collections that have been drawn from her native homeland influences of Morocco and the tropics of Asia are mesmerising. Zohra’s touch is distinguishable, immediately recognizable and to great acclaim.

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-Villa-Balquisse-Jimbaran-Bali
Villa Balquisse, Jimbaran, Bali

Zohra’s creativity is endless. She has a deep passion for all her endeavours, and as great creatives possess – an almost fanatical attention to detail, ensuring all her projects are not compromised in any aspect. She is also a trendsetter, with many of her designs seen in other boutiques or duplicated in other interiors, the highest of compliments!

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-Space-Villa-Seminyak-Bali
Space Villa, Seminyak, Bali
TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-Space-Villa-Seminyak-Bali2
Space Villa, Seminyak, Bali

However, Zohra is already leading the way into another design, project or interior innovation – being endlessly inspired. Her elaborate patinas have transformed dull concrete walls, poorly varnished wooden ceilings or even furniture into works of art.

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-The-Shaba-Jimbaran-Bali2
The Shaba, Jimbaran, Bali

With her unlimited creativity and imagination, she has decorated villas around a theme but created a new atmosphere in every room, transformed restaurants, boutiques, hotels, spas and homes into unique destinations – with pride.

Event Planning is what Zohra enjoys, and along with The Shaba – a Luxury Residence, which Zohra lovingly designed and built, it is a winning combination. Whether a wedding, anniversary celebration or social gathering, Zohra can make dreams turn to reality along with her team of experienced staff. Nothing is impossible when Zohra is planning your special occasion.

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-The-Shaba-Jimbaran-Bali
The Shaba, Jimbaran, Bali

Zohra has achieved an impressive portfolio of completed projects that are all as unique as they are diverse. Whether a home, villa, hotel, luxury residence, boutique, spa, restaurant, or mall eatery, Zohra can accomplish each project with imagination, creative sourcing, professional over seeing and within an expected time frame. Zohra is proud to have her name on each and everyone of the below.

TOP-Interior-Designers-in-Bali- Zohra-Boukhari-De-Dala-Spa-Kuta-Bali
De Dala Spa, Kuta, Bali

By Rute Estrela

Website: Zohra Boukhari

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