Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China

Today we take a look at 5 incredible Asian restaurants located in Beijing, China. Exclusivity, location, ambience and creativity were the main criteria for this top 5. Enjoy!

5.Duck de Chine

In a city famous for roast duck, Duck de Chine stands out from the crowd.

The restaurant’s industrial chic décor creates a very relaxed, classy ambiance, while the menu incorporates both French and Chinese duck-roasting traditions as well as other supporting dishes.

The chef team is composed by father-son Peter and Wilson Lam, Hong Kong natives who lived in Beijing for over a decade.

duck_de_chine_top_5_beijing_restaurants  Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China duck de chine top 5 beijing restaurants

The house classic is the Peking duck cooked to perfection in a very unique way: 43-days-old, 2 kilograms duck roasted for 65 minutes on 40-year-old jujube wood, ready to be dipped in a house-made hoisin sauce and rolled into pancakes.

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4. Tiandi Yijia

Right next to the Forbidden City lies the Tiandi Yijia. Don’t be scared when you come across a stout, burly doorman with a secret service garb, you are allowed in the restaurant.

IMG_1099  Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China tiandi yijia restaurant top 5 beijing
Inside you’ll find a very exclusive and VIP restaurant, decorated with hardwood furniture, lion sculptures, tinkling water features and fawning service.

The menu consists in a mix of classic & contemporary chinese food, with focus on Beijing dishes.

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3. Capital M.

If you’re into the best China-based restaurants, this name might sound familiar. That’s because it’s owner is Michelle Garnaut’s, an Australian restaurateur known by her flagship restaurant “M on the Bund”, in Shangai.

capital-m-terrace-qianmen-night top 5 beijing restaurants  Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China capital m terrace qianmen night top 5 beijing restaurants

Capital M. serves a menu of modern European food as well as dishes from the Middle East and North Africa, and of course, Michelle’s signature dish, pavlova.

The restaurant offers an incredible view to a very special place, the Tiananmen Square.

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2. Black Sesame Kitchen

BSK has just recently moved to a very elegant courtyard near the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park.

The restaurant is famous for it’s communal dinners “Wine ‘n Dine” which offer a a 10 course meal and a generous pour of two wine pairings, as well as other type of dinning experiences like private events and cooking classes.

black sesame kitchen top 5 beijing restaurants  Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China black sesame kitchen top 5 beijing restaurants

The menu offers simple, yet fine dishes from the chinese cousine.

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 1. Temple Restaurant Beijing ( TRB)

TRB is the hottest place to have dinner in Beijing right now. A fine dinning restaurant located in a beautiful historic setting is very, very hard to top off.

Standout dishes include a double play of lobster and goose liver on toast, smoked duck and truffle jus.

temple restaurant beijing top 5  Top 5 restaurants in Beijing, China temple restaurant beijing top 5

Located near Zhizhusi, a Tibetan temple, the restaurant has 120-seat capacity, but you might want to make a reservation first.