The Favorite Dishes Of Design: The Journey Through New Delhi


Ah dear readers, today we will embark and meet The Favorite Dishes Of Design: The Journey Through New Delhi! Prepare this appetite, because the trip will be about the gastronomic delights of the city, get to know a new side of Delhi!

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Who says design and appetite can not go together? Each dish is presented with a love and aesthetics from another world, as if it were a work of art! Let’s meet and spoil our appetite!


Triple 8

A perfect scent for anyone who likes fine Asian food! Welcome to Triple 8, a wonderful and exquisite two-story lounge, led by a Japanese Chef who knows great cooking secrets and the preparation of divine sushi! What 40 years of experience make a person. Here you will surely know new flavors with a fantastic atmosphere!



The MKT will surely be a restaurant you will not want to miss on your visit to New Delhi! Situated next to the Foodhall gourmet supermarket, you will surely find new dishes! If it were not the extensive menu, with more than 17 choices to choose from! Before conquering a customer, it is necessary to win back current customers every day.

Kiara Soul Kitchen

Being a vegetarian is not an easy option, we say this because finding a good restaurant that serves the dishes in conditions is an arduous task, worse than looking for a needle in the haystack. Do not despair, dear reader, that the solution has arrived! Meet the Delhi Kiara, ready but demystify the twisted perspectives on vegetarian cuisine.


Café We

Designed by the Beyond company and by Varun Gupta, a true oasis in the middle of the desert! Each floor is a work of art to be enjoyed in serene and peaceful tranquility. The classic style with all its splendor has returned to the limelight! A place you have to put on your itinerary today!

The Favorite Dishes Of Design: The Journey Through New Delhi



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