India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio

“Design is not just about aesthetic living spaces. It is about bringing together science, art, culture and technology to truly reflect who we are… And going beyond that to authentically represent what we hold close to our hearts.” – KKD.Studio

India Interiors | KKD.Studio envisions endless possibilities and crafts a story that combines history with uniqueness, creativity with functionality, sophistication with anomalies that seamlessly weaves into a narrative specific to each design project.

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Stay with us to know one of the biggest promises of plush eclectic design: a private residence in Mittal Bhawan, India Interiors.

India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio
A dark yet ultra-plush vibe. An illusion created with nabuk leather and mirror shards to make it look seamless. Lighting designs by Brabbu and also featuring Boca do Lobo’s Infinity Console furniture design.
India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio

An open floor plan with a classic contemporary palette enhances the grandeur of this interior design project. A timeless look is achieved through contemporary aesthetic with a twist combining of Portuguese handcrafted pieces by Boca do Lobo, warm wood and marble accents. Custom made furniture designs with a delicate balance of gold accents and exquisite lines make bold statements.

We find some pieces that take center stage in this cosmos  opulent interiors:


Monet is a tribute to the renowned French painter behind the Impressionism movement, an artwork turn into a contemporary center table with a modern design twist.

Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and this is certainly the case for Infinity console, a fascinating and exclusive piece, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines.

India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio
India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio
India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio

Launched in 2016, Krish Kothari Designs immerses in an aura of unrivalled luxurious designs merged with artisanal craftsmanship. KKD is an ultra-contemporary interior design brand from India, which is missioned to reflect the boldness of a person in every manner. Their creations can be Glamorous and understated, colorful and neutral, Elegant and personified

India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio
India Interiors | Curated Interior Design by KKD.Studio

KKD.Studio used a green agate stone with a custom backlit panel so the blacks look a lot deeper. They also have reflective stainless 316 ceilings with a black mirror finish. The lighting above is a custom “solar system” lighting panel, while the mirror was used to create depth. Of course, the standout washbasin is a collaborative furniture design between Boca do Lobo and Maison Valentina.

KKD.Studio believes that everything is an extension of the design. And with this at the core experiment and aim to curate experiences, conversations and life with design at the helm.

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