Delhi: The Affirmation Of A New Design Capital

New Delhi: The Affirmation Of a New World Design Capital

A new week starts, dear readers! Today we will travel to wonderful India, to visit New Delhi: The Affirmation Of A New Design Capital! What secrets does this mythic city hide? Embark on this trip with us and get ready to be amazed!

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Delhi is a wonderful city that splits into two, New Delhi and Old Delhi! Two sides with distinct experiences able to leave anyone in the clouds. Welcome to the intersection between the modern and the traditional, where craftsmanship and modern design meet.

Why is New Delhi an emerging capital design? There are several reasons, dear readers, let’s start with India Design ID, a design event that attracts lovers from all over the world! It happens annually in February, nothing better than after a Maison & Object have a new festival! A celebration that joins all districts of the city as well as several area professionals to debate the art of design and architecture!

Incentives given by the government! Does that sound like a good reason? The craftsmanship is highly valued by the political authorities, it is considered part of the culture of such a talented people. Emporium Central Cottage Industries was created to provide support to merchants and artisans according to the famous The New York Times.

Delhi: The Affirmation Of A New Design CapitalOver the years the community has grown that has led to an attraction of young talents to the city! The creation and sharing of knowledge is something that abounds in the streets. Every corner conceals a different side says Raseel Gujral from House Paradox! The story is fascinating!

A Design district is a point to visit! Center of arts and various crafts, it is in this area that the traditional meets the modern. The design has several strands as people have several tastes! Here even the buildings dress strictly for the occasion. The city is the very screen as referred to by the Japanese artist Lady Aiko!

Not convinced? Then get to know the National Handicraft Museum! A place of tribute to handicrafts and their masters! The collection includes about 33,000 pieces and a library with more than 12,000 books on craftsmanship.
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