4N Architects: Interview

4N was founded by Sinner Sin and Danny Ng, who describe themselves as “hands-on architectural designers”. They graduated from the University of Melbourne and have design experience from Asia to Eastern Europe. 4N’s strengths are building and spatial design, sustainability design and total branding design. ​

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Who are 4N Architects?

We would define 4N Architects is the join-force of two architectural-design-enthusiast, Mr. Sinner Sin and Mr. Danny Ng, who strive to create and design best possible Architectural Design and Interior Design, to add value to people’s life and to educate people how to appreciate great design.

What inspires you today?

Life, all kinds of life, people, country, books, movies, you name it !

4N ARCHITECTS INTERVIEW – Cafe Deco Shanghai Pudong

Can you give us a little insight into the inner workings of 4N Architects?

Ideas first, then Design, then everything follows (of course we need a good client in the first place).

Who are your clients?

Anyone who knows how to appreciate good design, with an urge to work with good architects/designers to co-create a project together, our clienteles could range from developer, hotel owner & operator, restaurant operator, retailer and, among others.

What are some of the projects that are keeping you most engaged at the moment?

We are working on a unique project with great fun and significance, this is charming 1960s 5-storey walk-up building in Central Hong Kong, we are designing the whole facade and its internal staircase, as well as a nail salon on a few floors.

A grand lobby design as well as its building facade for a retailer in Hong Kong, it will be a great project to be built with many garden elements and planation in the design, probably one of the most ‘green’ design project we have ever done.

Besides we are working on several Restaurant & Bar designthroughout Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, will be exciting to see many new projects being designed and completed in 2014. We are also looking into opportunities working with new clients on more Building design, hotel design, retail design, and movie theatre design.

4N ARCHITECTS INTERVIEW – Le Salon Causeway Bay Hong Kong
4N Architects-Le Salon-Causeway-Bay-Hong-Kong-Asian-Interior-Design
4N ARCHITECTS INTERVIEW – Le Salon Causeway Bay Hong Kong
4N ARCHITECTS INTERVIEW – Le Salon Causeway Bay Hong Kong

“Le Salon Croissanterie et Restaurant” reveals the excellence of your work. Can you talk a bit about that project, what was the central inspiration to achieve that fabulous result?

The first steps to appreciate a French cuisine were to enjoy reading the menu like a play script by Shakespeare.  The dedication of the chef’s effort towards each course can be evidenced in the menu by not only showing what food is offered, if not more importantly, how it is prepared.

The design of Le Salon (‘living room’ in French) restaurant takes on a subtle approach to celebrate a French cuisine, like the relationship of a theater and a play, the venue is never to compete with the show rather should create an environment for the audience to enjoy the works by the playwright.

Le Salon restaurant serves as a space to present the best work of the chef to connoisseurs; a journey can only be compare with go to see a classical play in a theatre, a memorable night with the best experience is guaranteed.

That specific project, “Le Salon Croissanterie et Restaurant”, received a very important award, the Best of Competition & Best of Restaurants Category from IIDA Global Excellence Awards 2013 (USA). How important are them to your work and how do you feel when some of your projects are awarded?

We believe this is good to let people know internationally there are certain projects being designed by a Hong Kong designer team, who could reach certain international design standard and sometimes be recognized. We believe this is for the sake of Hong Kong design community, also sharing with international designers, this is for the good of designers community as a whole.

4N ARCHITECTS INTERVIEW – Le Salon Causeway Bay Hong Kong

As an architectural design and interior design consultancy firm, you have a clinical eye that catches every important detail. What are some of the most common decorating mistakes that you notice when you walk into a building?

The mismatch of color tone, such as the crash of warm-color material and cool-color materials, another important aspect is the Lighting design, there are lots of building in Hong Kong, this is lit up to be too bright, as well as the inappropriate use of lighting color-tone.

Finally, in your field of expertise, how can you change the world with your work?

We use our ideas and drawn-lines to shape the world, to create a better world (as least in the built form and the way of life).


You can get contact with this design team at the following address:
2403 Arion Commercial Centre
2-12 Queen’s Road West . Hong Kong​
tel: +852 21513899