Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014: Preview

Looking for something different to do over the weekend? The Affordable Art Fair will be returning to Hong Kong for the second time this Friday with everything you need to start your own art collection.

More than just an exhibition, this fun-filled art extravaganza has something for everybody — be it a new mural to hang on your wall or an afternoon spent soaking up the atmosphere at the Peroni Bar.

Start Date: 21 Mar, 12:00 PM
End Date: 23 Mar, 06:00 PM
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Emma-Hack's- Affordable-art-fair-Hong-Kong

Here’s my pick of the highlights from this year’s Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014.

Arty-Licious Evening

“Arty-Licious” evening of interactive performances, music, Nespresso coffee and wine and beer from the Peroni Bar. Highlights include live body painting by Adelaide-based artist Emma Hack and a breakdancing performance by local Jam City Dance Studio upported by Red Bull.

The “Arty-Licious” evening will take place from 6pm to 9pm on 21 March 2014. Standalone tickets are priced at HK$170 per person.

Talks & activities

Gallery Speed Dating

Join our “Gallery Speed Dating” to hear about different art styles, mediums and artists from 5 galleries in 30 minutes, leading you to find your perfect soul-mate from the art world.

Living With Art

Interior journalist and Editor of Home Journal Tamsin Bradshaw will host a talk about how to curate art work in your home focusing on small spaces, combining colour and contrast and how to think about framing and lighting.


Young Talent Hong Kong

To support local and emerging artists, Affordable Art Fair has invited experience Hong Kong cruator Eric Leung Shiu Kee, to curate the Young Talent Hong Kong Exhibition. The exhibition provides local young artists the platform to display their creativity. In 2014, 11 up and coming Hong Kong artists will exhibit in Young Talent Hong Kong.

Under $10,000 Wall

This year the Affordable Art Fair are unveiling a new “Under HK$10,000 wall” that features a wide range of artwork from around 40 galleries worldwide at extremely affordable prices so as to encourage more visitors to start their own art collection.


Chinese painting

Chinese painting is a traditional art with a long history as well as in heritage with Chinese philosophy. In Chinese ink painting, it explores the lyricism and abstraction. It also shows oriental art with the elegant aesthetic. Ink, water, bamboo brushes and rice papers are used in Chinese painting. We invited contemporary Artist, Evan Wu, to demonstrate how such elegant, traditional art can be infusing with contemporary element.



Children’s Art Studio

For our younger visitors Sunkids will provide fun-filled workshops for kids with the Children’s Art Studio. With fun-filled activities such as drawing and doing arts & crafts kids will have a great time while you enjoy the Fair.

Food & Drink

Peroni Bar, Nespresso Café and Art of Food Café 

Enjoy the delicious food and drink on offer at our exclusive Peroni Bar, Nespresso Café, or Art of Food Café. A great opportunity to relax with your friends.


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