The Treasure Of The Interior Design: The Hidden Art

Today our trip will be to the east dear readers! Let’s take a look at The Treasure Of The Interior Design: The Hidden Art. A trip through the mysterious provinces of China will be long but enriching for our hearts! The East awaits us!

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Each firm will be a stop of knowledge and talent on our journey dear reader! You will see some innovations and some legends of this fantastic world that we all belong to. Let the journey begin!


Born in the year 2004, by the hands of Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the studio presents to the world its multi-disciplinary proposal! Architecture and interior design are the specializations, and what work the team does in this industry! Talented, young and international, this is how we can describe the heart, mind, and body of this study.


Love for contemporary design, the perfect description for this young studio. The environment and the design are married in each project developed, an inseparable love would say some people. Every trait is not made by chance, there is a connection between history and culture.

Ahead Design

An innovative, masterful studio in the art of working on luxury residential projects! A new paradigm in luxury design has emerged. The success and glory achieved are conveyed by the awards made over the years such as the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards!

Design Systems

Born in the year 1999, it came up with an industrial and interior design studio that also provides consulting services to other companies. A fantastic versatility that marked an era and history!

Bean Buro

The screen for this studio is nothing more, nothing less than the world itself! Globalization has increasingly come to design, breaking down cultural barriers and promoting the sharing of the arts and knowledge! In 2013 was born the study of Hong Kong that serves as headquarters for all the projects that the firm holds in Asia!

The Treasure Of The Interior Design: The Hidden Art



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