Hong Kong interior designers Ajax Law and Virginia Lung  found    in 2004 and since its founding One Plus Partnership has received numerous awards.

Some of the highlights are the INTERIOR DESIGN Best of the Year Awards, JCD Design Awards, Germany’s iF Communication Design Award and Red Dot Design Awards, Gold Key Awards, Japan Good Design Awards, Taiwan TID Awards.

One Plus Partnership was also recognized last year with the “Oscar” of the industry, the Andrew Martin Interior Design Award. They were the first in Asia to earn the prestigious international award.

Ajax Law and Virginia Lung consider ‘up-cycling’ waste material and ‘re-cycling’ old furniture (after giving them a facelift) – the “hottest design trend for the future”.

They have styled their new One Plus Partnership office and the sustainable theme of their design house in QuarryBay extends from cement walls and flooring to leftover fabrics and recycled designer pieces.


The grungy ‘junkyard’ concept is designed to “demonstrate the potential of putting waste material to stylish use”, said Ajax Law.  “Sustainability is the hottest topic around the world these days and the trend is reflected in designs for the future.”




Plastic blue wrapping redecorates designer chairs and fabric samples sourced from suppliers adorn a meeting room sofa.



Opting for an unconventional meeting and presentation room instead of a traditional “conference room”, chairs are redecorated with thick black elastic bands, plastic straps and greenhouse sun-screen netting.  Next to the chairs is a cluster of tables, which provides flexibility and easy adaptation for different use. This set-up allows clients or meeting attendees to seat themselves in a relaxed and comfortable way simulating a café when they are listening to a presentation or participating in a meeting.



A trophy case at the office entrance showcases over a hundred awards and certificates demonstrates One Plus Partnership’s recognition as a trend-setting interior design firm.



New metal shelves were only varnished to prevent rusting – yet their original rough edges are deliberately retained.



Their eco-commitment even extends to lighting. Randomly hanging chandeliers are, in fact, LED lit, brightening gradually when they are switched on. Adjustable, flexible track lights are similarly energy-saving.



It also extends the dynamic duo’s reputation for inspired, creative themes balancing fusion and innovation, experimentation and enterprise, to conceive novel, boundary-pushing designs – from show flats, club houses and luxury complexes to inspirational cinemas, dining spaces and public venues.

One Plus Partnership’s new office is on the 16/F of Eastern Centre at 1065 King’s Road, QuarryBay, Hong Kong.


VIA: http://www.bestinteriordesigners.eu/one-plus-partnership/