Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong | Award-Winning project

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong is a full-service interior design firm. The company provides creative and comprehensive interior solutions-  It can be quite seldom for one to be featured in an award-winning design.

They are dedicated to creating a unique and personalised home as well as innovative corporate spaces. Cameron Interiors had worked with projects of varying dimensions up to that point – in fact, this wasn’t their first award- winning work. 

These projects ranged from small to large scale residentials and even commercial and corporate design projects, always striving to provide unique and comprehensive design solutions, completely tailored to their clients’ persona.

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

This project is called Smooth Sailing. The inspiration behind it was to create the same vibe as a superyacht, with the main living area embodying a luxurious nautical sense of style with curvaceous lines and plush colours.

BRABBU came to be a part of the design, worthy of bronze in the A’Design Award and Competition: the Cullinan by Cameron Interiors.
Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

 The living room features warm wood flooring that meets with floor-to-ceiling windows which reveal a majestic overview of the Hong Kong harbour. These windows are accompanied by heavy blackout curtains that not only prevent the room from overheating, but also serve a major role in the owners’ request: the creation of the perfect ambience for a home cinema.

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

To complement Cameron Interiors Hong Kong’s main inspiration – the inherent opulence of a super yacht – the main living area eludes a nautical feel granted by the curvaceous lines that surround the room, mirroring waves echoing throughout the structure which are complemented by the luscious colours chosen for the room’s colour scheme.

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong
Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

This is especially noticeable in the blue circular rug, hugged by a round cream sofa, that fades from a white shade into increasingly darker shades of blue from the centre – where a golden centre table can be found – outward, effectively evoking the ocean in the middle of this splendid living room. This, as all the other details in the apartment, was meticulously thought out and perfectly executed.

Cameron Interiors Hong Kong
Cameron Interiors Hong Kong

Even so, this isn’t the most standout pop of colour in the room. That prize is taken home by BRABBU’s SIKA Armchairs. Inspired by – and named after – a deer species rooted in Japan, the wingback chair merges strength and elegance flawlessly, and was adequately chosen for this project was a way to add character to the room.
Its deep red leather immediately captures the attention of anyone who enters the room and its imposing back and arms are outlined by brass tackles that gift it with even more personality.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

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