Christmas decorations: Make your house stand out

Christmas is a month away (sort of) and it’s time for you to start thinking how to decorate your house for the holiday season.

We all want to have our house styled to stand out, to show everyone that we’re modern and fashionable.

This year the trick is to be original.


Christmas tree


How to decorate the tree?


The Christmas tree is the main character of  the season. It’s the masterpiece.

First: the lights. Choose a set that has a strand in the same color as your tree.That way, the wires will be less visible. See also what kind of lights you prefer. You can opt for more traditional light balls or go for the recent LED lights. It’s up to you.

Start by hanging them from the base to the top of the tree while wrapping them in the major branches.

After the lights hang the tree ornaments. First, choose the ones that you really want to see in your masterpiece. Start with the big ones. Space them evenly around the tree and the fill the blanks with the medium and small items. Don’t forget to decorate the space near the trunk with care. A good decoration in this area will create a notion of depth that will make your tree more interesting.

Like everything in life don’t overdo it. A crowded tree isn’t pretty.


Christmas Tree


How to decorate your fireplace

First: get rid of your everyday fireplace decoration. Create a fresh new look that will transform the whole space around it. Mix some colors. The most traditional are red and green but you should use tones that combine better with your Christmas tree.



Tips for a pretty, functional Christmas table


A crowded table isn’t good for style, for practicality, for nothing really, so keep this in mind: quantity isn’t quality. Take a simple approach. Make your table look elegant instead of exuberant. Remember: you and your entire family will have to eat in it.

Don’t go for the gold, green cloth. Choose a simple tone with some small touches. It’s classy and elegant. Avoid confusion.

The centerpiece is always a problem. It’s hard to choose the item that will get the most attention in your table. It’s important to select an object that won’t fill half of the space. Pick just one thing that will blend in with the theme of your Christmas decoration instead of stealing the show. Candles are a great pick, but stay away of the scented ones. No one likes that “weird smell” when eating.

If you´re having a lot of people over, make some cards with their names so that they’ll know where to sit. You can personalize every single card.


Christmas Table


The outside must shine


Brighten up your home and the whole neighborhood.

Start by dividing your front yard in zones. Pick a feature for each and every one of them. Choose a theme that combines with the indoor’s decorations

Add an outside Christmas tree, decorate your driveway, style your mailbox, your windows, doors and so on.

Highlight your house with the most beautiful lights.Just make sure that you install illumination that’s waterproof.Safety first.


Outdoor decoration

Have fun decorating your home. Involve all of your family and create something beautiful yet functional.

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