Exclusive Interview – K+I Hong Kong Showroom

Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur and life stylist Winston Lam, K + I takes pride in presenting both modern imported interior products and antique home decor to Hong Kong and China customers. Each brand and display item has been carefully selected for its iconic design and everlasting quality.

On April 2013, K + I moved to the current location in Happy Valley from Ruttonjee Centre where operated for six years. K + I took the opportunity to change the brand name from “Kitchens + Interiors” to “K + I” with a view to expand home furnishing offers which now include personalized sourcing service.

K + I Brands

Asian Interior Design have met with Winston Lam, the Director of K + I. See the exclusive interview:

How did you get into the design industry? What made you fall in love with it?

I have always loved and enjoyed good design, be it interior decoration, automobile, fashion or watches. A good design does not serve only the function it intends, it also inspires. Humans are very much affected by things that surround them positively or negatively. It’s important we try to obtain the positive influence. I started involved in the interior design industry with kitchen design.

K + I Hong Kong Showroom

Can you describe design in Hong Kong?

Cosmopolitan! In interior design, you can find all kinds of style: modern, classic, vintage, French, country. Perhaps that links to the travelling habits of Hong Kong people.

Interior design is particularly challenging in Hong Kong as space is always a problem. A good design utilizes colour and spatial rearrangement to make a small space looking spacious and comfortable to live in and every corner and window sill practical.    

K + I Hong Kong Showroom

What are your favourite Lighting Brands?

Delightfull, Lumina and Niche Modern, I have to say for their artisan, industrial and hand-made qualities respectively. 

When was the first time that you heard about DelightFULL?

2 year ago.

DUKE | DelightFULL Suspension Lamp
Lumina Lighting
Niche Modern Lamps

 What is the feedback that you get from the clients?

Always very positive, the design is very artistic and decorative and it very well matches other items. It has the right size, too and it serves as a good focal point.  

K + I Hong Kong Showroom

What is the most sold piece?

IKE was the most sold piece from DelightFULL collection. Is simple but decorative.

K + I Hong Kong Showroom
IKE | DelightFULL Suspension Lamp

 What is the approach of a European brand in Asia?

Emphasize on design, quality and special material. And people are very much interested in the story behind the design and who design it. 

K + I represents also brands like: Tom Dixon, Brabbu, Niche Modern and Lumina.

Website: K + I 

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