Hong Kong based studio – Ample Design Interview

The blog Interior Design Shop was chatting with one of the best design studios in Hong Kong, the Ample Design. Now the Asian Interior Design want to share with all of you this interview.


Could you give us a little background on the history of Ample Design?

We love design and we only do good design. We are experts not only in design but also in construction, building survey, engineer and building services. In the past years we have not only done interior design, but also “rebrands” for corporate such as New Vision, China Telecom and Vinda group. From a design concept, we develop to interior design, display, advertisement, selling method and uniform.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Every project is unique, we listen client needs, background and then we brainstorm a unique concept for them.

What are some of the projects that are keeping you most engaged at the moment?

Right now we’re doing couples of rebranding for retail corporate.

Interior Design Shop found out excellent projects made by Ample Design, like the Aspirational Star Style, a private client project where the Hollywood’s “Walk Of Fame” interior design boasts dramatic statements and a rich combination of superstar’s lifestyles.


Solange Azagury – Partridge store project is another example of exceptional design by Ample Design. The store features a hypnotic rainbow carpet and shooting star window cabinets and is designed by Solange herself.


As an interior design firm, you have a clinical eye that catches every important detail. What are some of the most common decorating mistakes that you notice when you walk into a building?

In Hong Kong, we can see many interiors that doesn’t have any concept behind. Material, details, design, form and style are just following the trends but without any reason. We also saw one feature with 5 types of different material at a shop which we think is horrible.

How important are the awards to Ample Design work and how do you feel when some of your projects are awarded?

Those awards just confirm the efforts that we devote and we feel thankful. We always keep an ordinary mind to work on every project as the best as we can. Nice final outcome is our goal but if we can get an award in the end, it must be an ultimate bonus.

Finally, in your field of expertise, how can you change the world with your work?

We believe that doing always our best, we can change the world and it’s not too far.

Ample Design portfolio proves why they are succeeding. Their clients goes from Amazon to HTC, Google to Channel, and the list keeps increasing.

Want to know more about Ample Design? Their headquarters are situated in Hong Kong, at Unit 1310, Eastern Harbour Center, No. 28 Hoi Chak St., Quarry Bay