How to add light to your outdoor

Spring came. And spring means more time spent outside the home either in entertainment or more time with family. When night comes your backyard has to be the best of neighborhood. Keep reading for favorite ways to light the way this spring.

A touch of tiki

Bring the feeling of a tropical vacation to your Spring backyard with these tiki torches. These lamps use standard lamp oil or citronella. Whether you are entertaining guests or just enjoying a quiet evening with the family, these tiki torches create instant island vibes when you light them.



Gas lamp

Bring a touch of turn-of-the-century nostalgia to your backyard patio with these lamps. Made of weather-resistant materials, the easy-fill containers use either standard lamp oil or citronella to repel insects decorate your outdoor garden, and you are set for the evening.



Backyard ZEN

Want to bring a calm feeling of Zen to your backyard? These low-voltage lights have a classic design and peaceful presence. Place them along a path or around your patio and enjoy the calm light the next time you entertain guests or hang out in your backyard with your family.



Color play

Bring some color to your next gathering with these color lights that provide an amazing display of color. Solar-powered LED lights gently change color through all the colors of the rainbow. And if you like color, these are the perfect solution.