The Lyric Theatre Complex is UNStudio’s latest project in Hong Kong


Located in the West Kowloon cultural district of Hong Kong the Lyric Theatre Complex aims to become a center of social activity in the city. This establishment, still being built, is located in a cultural area of the city where may cultural activities take place.

The Lyric Theatre Complex is UNStudio's latest project in Hong Kong

This project was designed with the intent of attracting a bigger public and making the performative arts more accessible to everybody. The complex has approximately 41,000 m2 in size and is comprises three theaters: the lyric theater, the medium theater, and lastly the studio theater.

Each of the three theaters was built with different concepts in mind, depending on which performative art they cater to. All of them have different colors that are differently applied to each auditorium as well as to each of its correlating foyers. The fun part is that aside from the colors becoming helpful “wayfinders”, the intensity of the colors increases as the spectators come closer to the performing arts venues, reaching their hights as people enter inside the respective auditorium.

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There is also a large rehearsal room that can also be used as an as an additional performing arts venue, the administrative facilities, a resident company center, and an extensive program allocation that can be used by guests to dine, perform and/or entertain.

The Lyric Theatre Complex is UNStudio's latest project in Hong Kong

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The rest of the building is magnificently designed with several curvaceous lines and interesting choices of color in some spots. The Lyric Theatre Complex is sure to become an appealing spot both for theater-goers and people just visiting the spot.

The Lyric Theatre Complex is UNStudio's latest project in Hong Kong

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