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Linear Design – Taking Residential Design to a whole new level

For over 10 years, Linear Design has embarked on numerous projects that have won many accolades within the interior design industry as well as positive reviews from developers, magazines and home owners.

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Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Linear Design team is very dynamic and counts with experienced designers. They strive to create practical, dynamic and lasting designs.

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They say “Interior design is all about transforming existing enclosures or ‘space’ into a sight to behold”. Not only that, but extensive effort and thought are placed into space planning, practicality, security, comfort and budget.

The goal of every designer, other than being ‘Practical and Functional’ in the process of designing, is to be able to understand the needs and wants of the clients and transform them from concept into reality.

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Linear Design specializes in upper-scale interior design works with emphasis on residential show units. They also provide services that range from consultancy to full-blown design-and-build. Commercial designs are usually carried out on project basis.

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Fully aware of their clients needs and expectations, Linear design also advocates that interior design is of major importance – be it commercial, retail, residential or hospitality, without ever forgetting the exterior design & space.

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