Check out the modern design of The ASYA Sales Gallery


The ASYA Sales Gallery is a project created by Ptang Studio Limited. This is another of the company’s initiatives that is also one of the contestants in the Covet International Awards.

Check out the modern design of The ASYA Sales Gallery

The ASYA Sales Gallery is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This project was created by the ASYA family orientated development whose main concept for this case was family ancestry.

Check out the modern design of The ASYA Sales Gallery

One of the main highlights of this project is the sculpture in the reception. Ptang Studio intended it to represent a family tree, that way simulating the concept of lineage through its design concept.

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Created in 1997 by the duo of designers Philip Tang and Brian Ip, Ptang Studio Limited is a company that is known for taking on multiple types of design projects regardless of their dimension or category. They are mostly known for their past works mostly in small-scale residential and flat design spaces as well as in large-scale commercial areas.

The company’s work philosophy is mostly centered around a “back to basics” idea. Ptang Studio Limited is known by their clients to be a company which has the aim to create spaces that fulfill their customers’ needs while at the same time trying to create a comfortable atmosphere to the client’s individual liking.

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This is another of Ptang Studio Limited’s projects that are set to compete in the contest by Covet Group. Another project also inserted in this same competition is Club 2Gether, located in the south coast of Tuen Mun, China.

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