Top Eccentric Restaurants in Riyadh

The most important financial city of Saudi Arabia, it is also a hub for some of the Top Eccentric Restaurants in Riyadh. The busy city is an amazing place to be, with impressive real estate and large shopping destinations.

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All sorts of international chefs have made their way to Riyadh. Taiwan, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese to name a few. Whether you’re a resident of the city or just passing by, you will find something to satisfy your taste, take a closer look at some of the best restaurants in Riyadh.

Top Eccentric Restaurants in Riyadh

Named after the Armenian word for “Moon”, Lusin is the place for Armenian cuisine. Kebab, tabbouleh, and of course authentic plates such as saborak and manti are among the menu. Moreover, the restaurant’s background music is offered courtesy of the traditional Armenian woodwind instrument duduk.

At the top of one of the most iconic building in Riyadh, the Al Faisalah Tower, nestled in a glass orb, is The Globe. This fine-dining venue makes its way to the best restaurants in Riyadh for a few reasons. The restaurant is three stories high, it serves both Arabic and modern European dishes that come in three-course meals. The restaurant has a breathtaking view of the city.

The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh is home to a world-renowned place, the Al Orjouan. This restaurant serves an international cuisine buffet with an emphasis on Middle Eastern. Seafood, desserts and delicious lamb chops are part of the restaurant’s large buffet.

Dining at Nozomi means you will be indulging in contemporary Japanese cuisine. In order to remain true to Japanese customs, Nozomi focuses on the concept of sharing food. This means that dishes are served in the center of the table to be enjoyed by all guests. Additionally, the restaurant offers private dining areas that are perfect for business meetings.

While Spazio offers a variety of dishes, it mainly focuses on Italian cuisine. Located on the 77th floor of Saudi Arabia’s second tallest building, the Kingdom Tower, Spazio redefines dinner with a view. Spazio’s decor gives the place a distinctive feel.

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