Top 7 Interior Design Magazines From China

Top 7 Interior Design Magazines From China – Are you sitting in a coffee shop with nothing to do or a friend to talk in Xangai? I have a solution for you… Meet the incredible interior design magazines that you can find in any local stationery store. Sit back, relax and enjoy your reading time!


Each year that passes by, China is a market with a big development rate in almost every area. Interior design was a topic that wasn’t so popular a few years agora in the country but lately it appears to be one of the most talk topics. The best international interior design magazines already have an issue in the native language! Let’s see, as a growing market, China plays an important role in the international interior design scene and that reflects as well when setting trends. Being a country with a rich and popular culture, in there is easy to find a fine selection of decor magazines with some useful tips and tricks that will help you improve your home decor.

In the design field, nowadays, China is a country to keep an eye on! If you have the opportunity to go there or if you live in one of its amazing cities, here are some of the bests interior design magazines to watch out now! I think that you will recognize some of them for sure!


1. Deco & Home Accents


2. CONDE Design China


3. Architectural Digest China

4. ELLE Decoration China

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5. Home Decoration China

Top 10 Interior Design Magazines From China


6. Living Magazine

Top 10 Interior Design Magazines From China


7. Rayli Home

Top 10 Interior Design Magazines From China