Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mind

Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mind

Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mind

Towo design, which is good at reconstructing the commercial space, extends the turning superposition and corridor path of the garden to the exhibition hall design, creating a pioneer exhibition hall with the garden creativity as the origin for the long-standing brand of wood floor.

Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mind

The aesthetic core of the Oriental garden is refined into the design language. Through the simple space superposition method, it makes the exhibition hall break through the uniform container property, and become a reconstructed garden concept with both artistry and sense of future.

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Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mindThe facade is like a three-dimensional geometric sculpture. The superposition and combination of body blocks form a visual impact and trigger the curiosity and exploration of the viewer. Wood floor runs through the whole dimension of the garden, balancing the sharp straight-line cutting with warm texture. Following the aesthetics and wisdom of the Chinese garden, folding the changeable interface relationship and the deep and shallow rhythm of space, it is cleverly infiltrated into the logic of business scenes to create a different viewing experience.

Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mindAs the most simplified engineering structure, the triangle becomes the micrographic symbol connecting the wood garden and the purple garden. The wooden installation is made up of numerous triangular pyramids and depicts the simple pen image of Taihu stone in Jiangnan garden. These woodworks are not only the art of changing combinations but also the clue of spatial memory to guide the observation line.

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Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mindThe open wood slope divides the upper and lower blocks at an oblique angle, and also derives the folding relationship from physics to abstraction. The wood garden shows the log property of the product with the shape of wood outside; the purple garden is hidden inside, echoing the main vision of the brand. The same material language tells different spatial relations, implying the philosophy of yin and Yang.

Garden, the intrinsic nature of the Chinese mindWith the geometric modeling of architectural sense and rational layout optimization, the stacked garden can shift the light and shade of the interface between the winding path and the corner. Towo design has thus completed a new space of perfect integration of function, humanistic aesthetics, and experimental spirit.

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