Asian Interior Design Meets Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Asian Interior Design Meets Mid-Century Modern FurnitureA new decade, the same twist. Essential Home presented a new collection with mid-century modern furniture and Asian Interior Design went there to know the trends for 2020.

Take a look at the stunning and versatile products of the incredible Essential Home’s collection and meet our selection of top 5 mid-century modern furniture!

Last years the mid-century modern has become increasingly mainstream. It is a style that lives in both the past and the present, with characteristics that include simplicity (a lack of ornate embellishments) and a nature-inspired look. With that in mind, Essential Home creat a new chapter of the brand story:

A fresh new take on the basics of design with a furniture line based on natural and simple elegance.

Top #5

#1. Franco Sideboard

With very clean lines on a body of solid wood, this is a testament to Scandinavian design. This sideboard is supported by four legs with polished brass tips, which is also present on the drawer handles, and displays rattan grills on the sides instantly evoking nature. Six large drawers make for plenty of storage space and make this sideboard extremely versatile for both living or dressing rooms.

mid-century modern furniture


#2 Franco dressing table, have everything in hand for your beauty routine!

The perfect piece for a classic boudoir, Franco dressing table is built in solid wood and displaying polished brass accents and rattan grills. This dressing table holds a large mirror in the center surrounded by round light bulbs.

#3 Brando Armchair

Perfect for any ambience where sobriety is required, this mid-century armchair never disappoints. Displaying a classic elegant design, it is designed with comfort and discreet sophistication in mind. It features a solid wood body cushioned with the finest tufted leather upholstery and a final touch of polished brass over the sides for added luxury.

mid-century modern furniture

#4 Franco Center Table, a touch of nature with a rattan lower half, and a modern touch with black marble on the upper half

This stunning center table brings us the best of both worlds. With a mid-century style and space age aesthetic, this center table vows to elevate your home decor. Wooden accents and a touch of brass finish this unique and sophisticated center table.

mid-century modern furniture

#5 Minelli Bench

Comfortably elongated, a perfect bench for any interior ambience. This curvy bench is upholstered in the finest bonded cloth or velvet, leaving the sides with exposed wood, showing its true nature as a mid-century modern piece. It is very comfortable and an easy way to add more seating and decor to your room at the same time.

Asian Interior Design Meets Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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