Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

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Architecture and design are professions in which the styles evolve, the technologies advance and there are more and the professionals in this area have newer and bigger challenges. We decided to bring you our list of the top 10 Asian interior designers.

Hashimoto Yukio

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

Hashimoto Yukio’s philosophy of focusing on ambiance instead of the materials to be used has conceded him the fame of being one of the most minimalistic (yet effective) interior designers of all time. Yukio’s design works have taken place in several types of facilities, like private restaurants, offices, commercial spaces, and hospitality.


Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

This enterprise has been on the market for around 20 years, and it is one good example of a good luxury furniture design. Their projects have changed the look and life of private homes, condominiums, and commercial spaces.

OMUS Living

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

OMUS is an enterprise which works in a sustainable and innovative way, offering services such as interior design space planning, project management as well as design consultations.

Noi Shigemasa

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

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Since the 60s Noi Shigemasa has been working in areas such as store design, exhibition design, and display design. Today he’s still one of Japan’s well-known designers, being involved in several projects involving interior design.

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers
Idee was born when two colleagues from ESAG Penninghan art and design school in Paris decided to set up their own organization in Beijing. From 2004 to 2008 they have expanded with the brand Da Ran Design which produces furniture, lamps, and tableware. In the lighting department, the most well-known product of this brand is Jellyfish Crystal Chandelier.


Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

This furniture design studio and lifestyle brand which was first created by architect and artist Lv Yongzhong all the way back in 2006. With a very Zen approach to their creations, they usually mix traditional Oriental aesthetics with a modern and individual approach depending on the customer’s tastes.

AB Concept

Top 10 Asian Interior DesignersThis company was first created over two decades ago by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, since then becoming one of Hong Kong’s luxury furniture powerhouses. Their work is particularly well known amongst several international hotels some of them being Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and also the W Hotels.


Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

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U-Home is known as a very dedicated and competent design company since 1999. Their work focuses mostly on commercial and residential projects providing services in consultancy, construction, and renovation. Fun fact: they have a showroom at Ubi Avenue.

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

DB Studio is well known in Singapore for its design consulting service as well as renovation of other projects. Known for their mostly minimalistic and modern style their goal is to design and build spaces that reflect their customers’ lifestyle.

Joyce Wang

Top 10 Asian Interior Designers

Last but not least we couldn’t have this list without mentioning Joyce Wang whose fame is known all around the world. The designer, who knew what she wanted since she was a child, is known for her creations and works in several interior spaces capable of transporting a person to a different time period or put them in a different mood.

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