This week we celebrate the Design, the stage of ceremony is iSaloni in Milan, Italy.  The best Design exhibitors are presenting on this event, such as Koket, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull and Brabbu are some of these special brands. Design pieces are elements wich can change all space: make spaces more confortable, more luxurious or a simple refuge.

Steve lEUNG artigo

Tomsom Riviera residence, Shanghai

For architects, interior designers this elements are essencial to bring life to their ideas. The very known Steve Leung designers present us this stunning interior, each piece is choose very carefully to create a specific ambiance. A design piece is a mixture of colors, materials, forms, sizes.

Steve leung 5artigo

Tomsom Riviera residence, Shanghai

Each detail is never left to chance, the combination between light (candles) and colors, the bed with the sideboard. The space is very drawn, has a concept, big clean walls to receive the light and paintings. The pieces follow this philosophy: very designing, made with good materials, conceptual forms.

Steve Leung 2artigo

Tomsom Riviera residence, Shanghai

´´Bringing space to life creating space for life´´ is a guideline for Steve Leung designers, a design piece is a part of life, a part of space. During life we collect design pieces for our home, the insatiable search to built our refuge.

The iSaloni event is a place that you can experience so many beautifull pieces, to see it together and choose what you want to bring to your home.

Steve Leung 3artigo

Tomsom Riviera residence, Shanghai.