Heart Beating

bartigoShanghai Wuzhou International Plaza by SDA Synthesis Design

The contemporary urban planning develops multiple small points of attraction, wich are full of life: it can be an impressive skyscraper (with inner life) or a plaza like this project. They beat all the time, they rule the city, it´s a never ending rythm.

´´A  :  the composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole´´ can be a description for a city. In this case, is one of the principles of SDA Synthesis Design, an international architectural office, who is responsible for the 1st prize for Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza competition.

The fragmentation of elements were born from the tension between Yin&Yang, a chinese philosophy wich believes there´s two opposite energies, with inner lights, darkness and lightness, wich guide us. When one of this energy rich it´s limits, inside it manifest the opposite.

yin artigo

There´s a crush between these two energies, the space is indefined, it can be a mixture of tones, with special realities, a space for all emotions: opposite, similarities. Life develops through and after this tension.

a artigo

The highers buildings (office building, hotel) crushed and the smithereens offer many opportunities for new connections, different views, nice walkings; a ´´plaza´´ with full of streets and green elements. The fragmented buildings are a place that are not necessarly to darkness or lightness, they are other reality, with a bright skin. Each volume is organized as a collection of two 30 story mid-rise towers connected by a four story retail podium, the buildings have movements, seems they are dancing. They became unique, as it´s form, as it´s vibrations.

04 artigo

This is a contemporary place, the buildings are sculptures, the forms are irregular. This project is right inside the third ring of the urban metropolis, today the urban planning offers a lot of so called ´centres´ hearts beatings. People moves in the city in all directions,