Have a look at 10 of the best Shanghai designers and architects

Have a look at 10 of the best Shanghai designers and architects –  Shanghai is definitely a good example of the potency that China, as a whole, has become in the worldwide market. Of course, interior design and architecture are two areas included in this mix, so with that in mind today we’ve decided to gather a list of 10 of the best Shanghai designers and architects that have definitely managed to create a solid career either in their own country or on the global market.

Furong Chen / WUU

Have a look at 10 of the best Shanghai designers and architects

Furong Chen created WUU in 2014, and since then it became a company focused on the developing of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. Furong studied Integrated Design at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. He has a design philosophy in which he aims to “return an object to its original essence through design, while at the same time combining technology with traditional crafts.





Have a look at 10 of the best Shanghai designers and architects

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the creators of this multitasking company, able to provide several services in areas such as architecture, master planning, branding/graphic design, and also in the design of interiors, furniture and other relevant products. Among some of their most relevant works, we can enumerate the restoration of a Shanghai theatre from the 30s, creating a hotel at the former headquarters of the Japenese army, and most recently, creating “The Unfolding Village” for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019.

Chen Min

This multi-faceted design practice was first established by Min Chen, who is specialized in areas such as object and technological products’ design and also interior architecture. The main aim of this office is finding an ideal bonding point between tradition and modernization as well as between east and west. This company has been featured in interior design magazines such as wallpaper, Marie Clare, AD China, Brutus Casa, Icon and Elle Decor.

101 Design

101 Design is led by Jennifer Lu’s work range has reached China in general, including Taiwan and they often tackle challenges such as residential and commercial design solutions and interior decorating. Their design style focuses very much on balancing all the elements that compose an interior that they handle, through the balanced use of white and green elements (plants included) as well as a familiar and somewhat minimalistic style.

Kokai Studios

Kokaistudios consists of a company first created by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis in 2000, which would later evolve with the creation of a Shanghai office in 2002. Their aim is to create design projects that add a positive element to the environment and social fabric of the location of said challenge, be it through architecture, urban renewal, hospitality, retail, among others.

MRT Design

Created in 1995, MRT design is an architectural and interior design studio with a deep experience regarding retail and public projects all of which are located throughout greater China. Their work has also been mentioned in prestige publications in the country and their style can either be modern and minimalistic or classic and elegant, with the special addition of some unique lighting effects in some projects.

Atelier I-N-D-J

This Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design studio is known for tackling many challenges relating to architectural, spatial and product design, like furniture. It was created in 2013 by Ian Douglas-Jones, whose extensive experience in architecture is the essence and basis of the studio’s output. With less than 10 years of experience, they’ve managed to earn many relevant awards and honors, one of them being a part of A.D.’s Top 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers 2017.


HWCD (Harmony World Consultant and Design) is a very well-known international design practice, based in Shanghai, but with offices located in London and Barcelona. With a team of over 500 design specialists, they have taken on several design projects, including urban design, commercial design, art consulting and even boutique hotels.


B+H is another design giant that chose Shanghai as one of the places to establish an office as well as take on several interior design projects.  B+ H has a wide range of activities for establishments such as workplaces, healthcare, hospitality, residential, retail, among many more.

HKS Architects

Because the best is always for last, we finish this article with the third and final design “giant”, HKS Architects. Since 2010, their Shanghai studio has an approach with several state-of-the-art design methods regarding their challenges. This is a company with many types of clients, and aside from commercial, hospitality and private residences, they also have aviation, education, government, and sports clientele in their portfolio.

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