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The elegant post-renaissance building, no.3 The Bund, was built in 1916 by the Union Assurance Company and is the first building in China to utilize a structural steel frame. Located on the corner of the Bund and Guangdong Road, its 7 floors cover a gross floor space of almost 13,000 square meters and has magnificent extended ceiling heights of over 5 meters. No.3 The Bund in 2004, was transformed into an icon of contemporary chinese lyfestyle. By the hand of renowed architect Michael Graves and his tream, the luxury ,the special interiors were a principle to remodelling this iconic building.

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Three on the Bund is the destination for gastronomy, art, culture, music, fashion, and retail in an elegant, sophisticated gathering place for vibrant people and stimulating ideas. It is  a place in fashion, here we have the most luxury shops, such as the german brand luxury leather goods  MCM. I ts home to six award-winning restaurants; The Wahmpoa Club, The Cupola, Mercato , New heights, Jean Georges ,Nougatine, Unico.


The design process for Three on the Bund began in 2000 and took two years to complete. Architect Michael Graves  think the interiors as special spaces wich peolpe would like to come back alll the time. The meaning of an interior can be so powerfull, that is the strenght that capture a human soul.

The team as specific goals : one was to bring the vibrant atmosphere along thr Bund and on the Hangou River
Another was to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. This was particular at Opulent entrances and ornate spaces . Today everyone wants to be at the Bund, it´s fashionable. Architects and Interior Designers have  power to transform our lives, to  write you a story, an Interior is a story.

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Don´t miss it , go there and enjoy our pulsant heart!!