The explosion of ULTRAVIOLET box by Paul Pairet

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet artigo

Starts with:

. A single table of ten seats only (2 guests is the first number of this set)
. A dining room featuring high-end technologies.
. A 20-course “Avant-Garde” set menu.
. All guests sit together.
. The experience unfolds as a play. FOOD leads.
. Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere: lights, sounds, music, scents, projection, images and imagination… and food.

Ends to:

. A multi sensorial experience through the perception of the taste in one impressive atmosphere. The five senses were on fire on this exclusive dining experience, wich Emotion is the main reason for it all.

uvb_4 artigo

Dinner is prepared by french cuisine chef Paul Pairet and the Ultraviolet Team. The place is somewhere in Shanghai, the meeting point address is disclosed by booking confirmation and a wearing black driver pick up us, on a van. We went inside a ´box´, a clean room wich is equipped with multi sensorial high-end technology, full of lights, sounds, music, scents.. a cool air blow, an immersive projection, images and Food. This box as no windows, no views, we concentrate in what we are experiencing, living. Once we are inside, we left our life beyond, free of everything, we surrender to our senses, our feelings, we experience with friends, a virtual and also real (seems a paradox) journey that is unique.

The dishes are divided by size and nature, it begin with two dishes and goes to a more substantial fare that uphill into a crucial stage, the meal is synchronized to a introduction of a choice. We ended with digestives and sweets dishes on a smaller size. The smell and flavours are the main ingredients that commands the dinner, we stay involved all the time, the imagination is activated and we ´´travel´´ to a far way world.