The power of the nature that you shouldn´t miss


In the city, between many skyscrapers, a «flower» is born, she´s growing near the Huangpu River. Like Narcissus, she´s in love with her reflection and began to transform into a vibrant organic being.

The ´White Magnolia Plaza´, made by SOM, invites everyone to come to a natural environment, every surface is a curve, the control of light, the resources of it´s maintenance is based on a sustainable features.

In this «garden» with one office building, two hotels and a series of smaller mixed-use buildings, we will find precious luxury shops, small secret gardens and surprising spaces that you just discover it, if you go there.

White Magnolia Plaza  weblog

White Magnolia Plaza by SOM

Nature was, is, will be allways an inspirational theme that crosses all expressions of Art: as SOM architecture, the Jewelery Van Cleef&Arpels with ´Pavot de Californie´ bracelet, honor this brilliant flower, the leaves with Mandarin garnets, provides a compliment to the curve of the wrist

Van Cleaf&Arpels weblog

Pavot de Californie bracelet by Van Cleef&Arpels

Also the design luxury brand Koket, present us it´s awarded chandelier ´Gia´ wich is a «bouquet» of flowers that transform all spaces with it´s magical and delicate light. The flowers can be displayed together or as solitaire, it depends what intensity we desire!   We shouldn´t miss it !!

Gia weblog

Gia chandelier by Koket.