10 creative Bookshelf design ideas

When it comes to bookshelf ideas for a living room or study, the design ideas are endless. From brilliant bookshelves built into stairs to desk set, these bookshelf ideas are just as inspiring as the tomes that fill them. Do you want create a personal bookshelfe? We have 10 bookshelf ideas.

Let yourself be inspired…


Bookshelf Stairs

How brilliant are these bookshelf stairs? For maximum impact, the owners of this stylish property have neatly arranged their collection of novels by colour. Amazing.




Colleccionist bookshelf allows adjust the dimensions to suit your needs and create a one-of-a-kind bookcase or sideboard. Boca do Lobo is only pleased to honor special requests in the interest of exclusivity! The drawers’ typology can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences. This bookshelf can be placed or against a wall or it can serve as a separator division. The drawers have double sided in order you can decorate both divisions, as well as to ensure the functionality of this piece of furniture.


Desk Set

Have a fabulous desk? Make a feature of it by building your bookshelf around it. Cubit create clever shelving ideas that you can mix and match.


Bedtime Reading

Two nifty concealed pull-out booksheves have been built into either end of this Ikea headboard. Load up the shelves with well-thumbed paperbacks and other night-time essentials and slide neatly back inside the headboard out of sight during the day.


Bookshelf Ladder

Create an eye-catching bookshelf ladder by slotting wooden shelves into a set of old wooden step ladders. Display books in vertical and horizontal piles and break up with well-loved knick-knacks.


Fireplace Shelf

Make a feature of a disused fireplace by adding bespoke shelves. Fill with baubles and lights, perfect for a maximum festive impact at Christmas.


Bookshelf Room Divider

Divide your room and conquer with style. A bookshelf room divider can work wonders when well-placed, creating a cosy atmosphere or separating a space.


Bookshelf Wall

A bookshelf makes a fantastically impactful feature wall. If you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings, you could also consider a built-in mezzanine level for a spot of quiet reading. Utter luxury.


Under Stairs Storage

The space under your stairs is perfect for creating a stylish space of one’s own – whether that’s a workspace or quiet reading nook with chic seating.

understair bookshelfe

Mix it Up

Make a feature wall out of your media by grouping items together that fit a cohesive theme. Here, the monochrome elements are picked out and alternated with personal objects and bright pops of colour to super stylish effect.



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