2015 Interior Design Color Trends

With the year 2014 coming to an end, interior designers all around the world will undoubtedly be looking forward to all the fresh trends that 2015 is sure to bring. It’s no secret that this year was the year for interior design, as many of you will already know, but let’s dare to dream that this upcoming one will be even better.

In this article Asian Interior Design will show you all the 2015 interior design color trends that you really need to start looking out the New Year.


Neutral colors (gray, cream and brown)


Everyone knows that neutral hues make any space feel calm, comfortable, and all in all an extremely relaxed setting to be in. Not only this, but they match really well with all colors. So, if you have colourful furniture, that’s fine, because it will go together perfectly with neutral walls, as will furniture of similar colors. What could be better?!

Deep shades (pinks and purples)


Deep plums and pinks have been spotted a lot in many interior design magazines, hinting to us all that it’ll probably be a popular interior design color trend in the upcoming year. If you’d prefer to leave your walls the way they are and instead purchase furniture and accessories in these shades, go for it. If you have dark walls, that’s great, because the contrast will look awesome. Gray wall shades also look really good with deep pinks and purples.

Ocean tones (royal blue, cobalt blue, sky blue and turquoise)


Just like 2014, next year is set to be another big one for different shades of blue being another common interior design color trend. In fact, many people have the common misconception that shades of blue only look good in bathrooms, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Blue, especially the lighter shades, has the unique power to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any room. If you’d prefer not to paint your walls completely blue, a great idea is to invest in a good quality wallpaper that features a white background with a stunning blue pattern. There are so many out there to choose from, and the final result is always pretty sensational.

Retro colors (tangerine, burnt orange, light gold, olive green and yellow mist)


These colors sound a little complex to those who might be new to interior design, we know, but a little research will show you just how beautiful they look when added to surroundings. It’s no surprise that these unique shades are tipped to be one of this upcoming year’s interior design color trends.

Pastel colors


Pastel shades have always been popular, and in 2015, that’s definitely not going to change. Sure, there are a range of pastel colors to choose from, but all of them seem to look great in any surrounding. Obviously, these shades have to be paired well with nearby furniture and accessories, but once it’s all done and put together, the final result is awesome. So, if you’re looking to completely re-decorate after the New Year, why not go pastel?

We hope our article has proved helpful to you in determining what 2015’s interior design color trends are.

Happy New Year!

Source: Rug Knots

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