Best Singapore’s Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)

Best Singapore’s Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I) –  The old, the new and the renovated make for a rich panorama of structural design in Singapore. If you’re are a design lover, get to know the best places for you to visit in the city.

Singapore is well-known for its incredible buildings, such as the iconic Esplanade (or Durian building, as it is so affectionately termed) and the Marina Bay Sands Towers. Perhaps the Art Science Museum could count as one too. Besides that I bet many design lovers think there’s nothing interesting to visit, right? Wrong! Did you know that there are actually quite a few architectural gems spread around this tiny island? Scroll on to find out!

Best Singapore's Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)The Interlace, Bukit Merah

The Interlace is a condominium that has won multiple awards for its architectural splendour. It features 31 blocks of apartments positioned in a hexagonal arrangement. Its design ensures that nearly every apartment has a wide panoramic view of the surrounding regions.

Best Singapore's Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)The Hive, Nanyang Technological University

This building is the campus of Nanyang Technological University. It was designed to be an alternative campus space that resembles a beehive. The Hive has main eco-friendly characteristic stems from its unique ventilation concept, which provides a natural ventilation. This is possible thanks to the openings between pods that were specially designed for natural ventilation to the atrium, corridors, staircases, and lift lobbies.

Best Singapore's Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)Eco Sanctuary, Bukit Panjang

The Eco-Sanctuary, in Bukit Panjang Boasting, is a nature-inspired concept with a building structure that mimics a honeycomb. It has hexagon fixtures framing the surface of each building. Apart from having a decorative task, the hexagon fixtures also has a “wind-catching” purpose in order to maximize the ventilation in the building.

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Best Singapore's Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)Skyville@Dawson, Queenstown

Skyville@Dawson is also an eco-friendly building where common areas, lift lobbies, and access walkways are all naturally ventilated. The rooftop power lights exist thanks to the solar cells that the building has. Thanks to its clever design, homes at Skyville@Dawson can be easily customized.


Best Singapore's Architecture For Design Lovers (Part I)

SkyTerrace@Dawson, Queenstown

Next to  Skyville@Dawson, we can find SkyTerrace@Dawson, which is another cool place to live in. The building design was inspired by the Tetris game or perhaps by Lego blocks, making it one stunning piece of contemporary architecture.

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