Elliot Barratt

Elliot Barratt was born in London and has been designing since he was very young. He is specializing in Interior Design and furniture, and at only 18 years old, Elliot began designing interiors and creating installations.In 2007 founded Elliot James and in May 2012, Elliot relocated the business to Singapore. Last year his work was acknowledged and awarded a Platinum award for Design Excellence.

“To merge the classic with the contemporary. To design a home that is an extension of your personality and who you are, whilst improving your quality of life”, that’s the philosophy of Elliot James.

Asian Interior Design have met with Elliot Barratt to an exclusive interview! The Top Interior Designer Elliot Barratt talks about his career and her journey, as well as about some personal preferences.



Balmoral Crest

What is your philosophy in the field of creation?

Creation is a very broad term but in terms of design, I believe that good design should solve a problem whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Many beautiful products, pieces of furniture that look simple in design but have required complex engineering to look that way.

In interior design , how would you describe your style? What inspires you? How do you create an interior design project, whether it is a commercial one or a home?

I would say I have a classic, simple style using muted palettes to give a timeless design to an interior. I get inspired by anything and everything: film, fashion, furniture, architecture, music. What is current in fashion can have a huge impact into what is current in design.

I start by analysing what a client needs from the space, the way they want to interact and move in the space. I then observe their personalities and lifestyle, after this point I then begin to put a general mood for the space together, incorporating the observations and requirements.




Singapore Grand Prix

What are some of your most popular designs/projects? Tell us a bit about some of your designs/projects and what you love about them. What’s your favourite and why?

I think designing my Sync cubes had to be a special project as it was amazing to see them realised and three-dimensional after having an idea in my head for so long.

A very exciting project was designing last year for the Singapore Grand Prix – Tourist Board. We had a very open brief in terms of design and a lot of freedom to experiment with ideas. We wanted to pay homage to the history of the sport whilst incorporating various tourist spots around Singapore. We commissioned a local artist to design vintage racing posters with Singapore scenery in the back ground. We designed a 360 degree bar had a muted background (typical of Elliot James) but injected colour through the artwork and design classic furniture.

I love residential projects as they allow you to add such detail and work with beautiful pieces.




Sync Cubes Seating System

How about product design? Tell us a bit about the objects you design?

We are currently working on our first furniture collection due out later this year. We have 5 items due to launch with a typical Elliot James style. They lean towards a more masculine style but are finished in beautiful fabrics and finishes and will offer something very unique. Unfortunately I can’t divulge any more than that.

The Sync seating system was developed out of an exercise in observing seating positions using simple shapes. But positioning cubes at different heights, it became apparent the various cubes could provide arm rests, back rests and seats depending on their height positions. The cubes can be positioned in an endless configuration with the minimum number of cubes being 4 to have the arm rest and backrests.


What colours, textures and furniture pieces do you love the most?

I have always been a huge fan of a classic chesterfield in traditional Oxblood cigar leather and obviously design classics such as an original Eames chair but as a collection I love the textures, fabrics, materials and lines of Bottega Veneta.


In your opinion, which will be the top trends in interior design for 2014?

I think in 2014 we’ll see a move towards more unique, luxurious designs. We’ve been living with the mid-century, ‘Madmen’, retro style for too long. I think we’ll be seeing more luxurious finishes, with more detail.


Which essential tips can you give to a person who is redecorating his/her house this spring?

An essential tip would be to keep the fundamental items simple – plain walls, neutral colours, classic lines. This way the furniture, walls, will remain timeless and allow you be creative in the accessories and soft furnishings. When you come to change the design in the future, the larger objects will still be in style.


Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

The most exciting thing we’re working on at present is the furniture collection. We are using techniques not usually used in furniture design which will make the pieces very unique. The collection is aimed for residential interiors.

We have also recently completed an amazing renovation of a shophouse which should be online in the coming weeks. The space is very modern but required a warm, homely design for the family who own it.



Describe yourself in three words.

Creative, Passionate, Friendly.


To know more about Elliot Barrat, Asian Interior Design recommends you to visit the website: http://www.elliotjames.com