How To Decorate With Venetian Mirrors

Asian Interior Design will talk about venetian mirrors. By the time of the Renaissance in Venice the glass artisans have established an outstanding reputation regarding the mirror production.

The mirrors designed and created by the venetian glass artists are very famous for their timeless elegance, intricate details, delicate etching, beautiful and high quality craftsmanship. Today as centuries ago the venetian mirrors are a breathtaking “work of art”.

Take a look at some ideas to decorate with Venetian mirrors.

Famed for its elegant and beautiful style of glass use, Boca do Lobo‘s designers have used their world-renowned talent and gorgeous glass to produce this blinding splendor.

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This second picture from Decorpad obviously features a stunning mirror, but what about that demilune console? Divine.

Boca do lobo-txt-venetian mirror2

The ever-chic Nancy Corzine really delivers in this bathroom fit for a queen.

Boca do lobo-txt-venetian mirror3

Koket designed this luxury venetian mirror inspired by the richness of traditional Venice. Addicta makes for an opulent statement.

Its subversive glamour is unforgettable and addictive.

Boca do Lobo size-Koket mirror-luxury mirrors-venetian.jpg2

Boca do Lobo size-KOKET-Mirror-venetian-txt

Boca do Lobo size-KOKET brand-Mirror-venetian-txt2

The delicate curves, bevels and designs of these beautiful mirrors make them a show-stopping addition to any room and, consequently, one of the things we absolutely love. And the Venetians weren’t even being vain when they devised such a lovely creation!

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