Inspiring Ideas To Add Color To Your Kitchen

Whether you want a cozy country kitchen or a modern kitchen, get inspired by the decorating ideas below.  Add color to your space will make all the diference.

Pairing color and your actual kitchen can be tricky. But Home Decor Ideas is here to help you with a few tips to encouraged you to fall in love again with your kitchen. Put some color in the cabinet knobs or drawer pulls with fun plastic or acrylic ones.


Paint your cabinet and drawer interiors a shocking color.


Treat yourself with a plant in a cool vase to bring more balance to your all-white kitchen.


Lay a vibrant area rug in front of the sink.


Add a collection of picture frames to your white wall.


Fill glass-door cabinets with colorful earthenware.


Add some chairs in a vivid color to light up the space.


Hang a stunning chandelier or a mix of vibrant pendant lamps above the kitchen table. Art deco inspired, this is BRUBECK from Delightull.


Get a bright and fun appliance to your kitchen.


“You should consider all the large elements in the room and find a color that cooperates, something that will make everything look better.” Carl Minchew, director of product development at Benjamin Moore

Happy remodeling!

Source: Home Decor Ideas

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