Amazing ideas to use mirrors in small spaces

How to make a room feel bigger?

To create a sense of more space use mirrors. This is a trick of interior designing and their use in decorating is frequently adopted. Mirrors help to give a sense of greater space by reflecting light. Take a look at some ideas you can simply use and will make the difference in your space.

1- Use a large floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture in tight spaces

Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Mirrors the same width of the furniture make the piece look purposeful and prominent rather than shoved in. Entry consoles are perfect places since in small homes they are usually tucked in wherever they’ll fit. A large mirror in the landing strip area will also allow you the easy luxury of one last “once over” before you dash out the door. For safety, attach the mirror to the wall with brackets even if you are resting the mirror on the floor.

2- Place a mirror behind a light source

Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Whether it’s behind a candle, a pendant light, or a bedside lamp, a mirror will help to maximize the light’s reach while creating an almost magical effect.

3- Create another window by placing a mirror next to or across from the real deal


Mirror by BRABBU

The reflection maximizes the effect of natural light and pleasant outdoor views, allowing you to appreciate them from multiple angles.

4- Mirror wall

Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small space feel bigger. If you have a small space, such as a bedroom or dining room, that feels really squashed, a mirror wall can open it up and create a sense of flow and increased area.

5. Fake a window



Although our dream small space is packed with windows, we know that’s not really a reality for many. Instead, try using small square mirrors, tiled out to look like a window to give the illusion of what you wish was there, instead of what really is.

Source: Design in Vogue

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