See our picks for 20 best interior designers in Sigapore (pt2)


With this article Asian Interior Design concludes its list of the 20 picks for some of the best interior designers in Singapore. In part 2 of our article, we will continue to explore some top names that have made this area famous in regards to its design talents. Sit back relax, and find out who were the 10 remaining references we’ve picked for our list.


See our picks for 20 best interior designers in Sigapore (pt2)


See our picks for 20 best interior designers in Sigapore (pt2)Known for the public as Park + Associates, this is a company that since its creation in 1999, has stuck with the idealism that Architecture is an area meant to focus on the desire to create and inspire through passion. The firm has tackled many projects that include apartments, civic institutions, theme-parks, and hotels. This Singapore based firm is known for its rigorous eye for detail, artistic sensitivity and their capacity for placement and proper choice of materials. A small look through their projects shows that they definitely have a modern architectural touch in their projects.

Dream Interiors

See our picks for 20 best interior designers in Sigapore (pt2)

Dream Interiors has been created in 2006, and they are known for being designer furniture in Singapore, taking on several styles of furniture, from timeless classics to modern contemporaries. The company manages to bring together a varied collection of several curated European and American bespoke pieces of many styles. When it comes to their take on their clients, regardless of their wants and needs, they also aim to fill their homes with modernity, quality, and design. They are also known as being an exclusive distributor of brands such as Porro, Walter Knoll, and Living Divani.


Lush consists of a company focused on providing furniture and styling ideas to many types of clients. They count with a team of stylists which aim to provide the best counselling to their customers, by bringing them creative and playful contemporary designs and/or re-imaged modern classics. Not to mention that Lush has its own brand of furniture that follows those exact trends. A trip into their showroom allows any type of client to have a deeper look at their design style.


With over 15 years of experience, Marquis HQO is a commercial furniture consultant known for working closely with architects, developers, designers and homeowners with the purpose of providing them with the finest furniture. They are known for their interior and outdoor solutions, in which they provide to their clients a variety of luxury items, from bespoke furniture to Italian outdoor furniture. When taking on a new challenge they are a company focused on providing them with the highest standards of quality luxury and personalized customization to fit any need.


Having launched its first showroom in 2005, Proof Living is a good example of a company dedicated to showcasing the very best of luxury home furniture and accessory collections. Their showroom is an inspiration for many homeowners, architects and interior designers and thanks to their amazing career they’ve managed to win two awards in both 2013 and 2015 Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore and The Best Furniture Store (European) Award. Their take on the client’s taste manages to bring inspiration to even the people with the most exquisite taste.


M Moser is a firm that believes that design can positively impact both people’s well-being and productivity in the workplace. One of the main missions of the firm is promoting a transformative workplace culture. Most of their projects are focused around workplaces and their style aside from being very futuristic also has an emphasis on placing a pleasing aesthetic to obtain the goals for the ideal workplace they aim to promote. They are a good example of a company that leverages their global learnings, alongside their local know-how in order to obtain innovative workplaces.


Eight Design is a company with over 15 years of experience in interior and renovation contractor in Singapore, always with the aim of providing “comprehensive” solutions. Tackling both commercial or domestic project, this company has accessible prices as well as a highly qualified team of counsellors and carpenters that aim to provide the best quality interiors and also creating custom furniture.  Their speciality is highly focused in commercial and residential projects, providing each of them with the best contemporary and modern style.


Created in 2004, United Team Lifestyle is a company that has the way of providing customers with personalized, unique and comprehensive solutions for many types of interior design projects, be them home, commercial design or even renovation work. They count with a varied team of professionals that have a special take on any style of the project. They strive to be more than a regular interior design company, by providing their clients with several styles, all of them defined by their minimalistic yet pleasant touches that definitely manage to leave their mark on the client’s final space.


Lastly, we get to the last name in our list: XFORM Design Studio. This is a company mostly known for its complete and innovative take on residential and commercial projects. They have a very complete range of services regarding interiors, among them project management, space planning, furniture design and fabrication and even cooperation in exhibition and gala events. XForm is known for having a “limitless flow” of design ideas giving a unique transformative touch to spaces they intervene on. They have a contemporary and modernist take on their interiors while adding a special touch of colour to many of their projects. Their talents have earned them a couple of design talents such as earning First Class Honours in Bachelor of Architecture at RMIT University Melbourne Australia, submitting the winning entry at the Bandar Sunway Master Planning & Architectural Design Competition and being awarded the honour of  Best Bank Interior Design Merit Award by Institute of Interior Design Malaysia.

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