What to eat in Singapore


One of the best things of Singapore is the food.

The rich cultural diversity of Singapore is very well reflected in the local cuisine strongly inluenced by malaian, chinese, Indian and Indonesian food. This fusion generates a particular style.

Its main ingredients include coconut milk, turmeric (similar to ginger), “candlenuts”, pandanus leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius), tamarind juice, lemon grass, ginger, chili, etc.

Let’s Makan means let’s eat. 

The Hawker Centres and Food Courts, are a truly phenomenon in Singapore and thanks to a rigid policy of food security, cause the quality of these places. Hygiene is exceptional compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

The Food Courts are located in the basement of the shopping and can be considered as a food asian court. Among the most famous have the Food Republic,  located in Wisma Atria and in Vivo City.


There are also gastronomic regions, each with a certain tendency in a certain style: Chinatown Food Street, East Coast / Katong, Little India, Holland Village, etc.

There is another category, top level, which attracts a large number of tourists, where are many kind of restaurants. Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Eas Coast Seafood Centre have a high pricelist compares to the Hawkers Centers.

Singapore Chilli Crab


Popularly recognized as the “national dish” of Singapore, has its own history in the country. Created in 50’s by Cher Yam Tian and her husband Sr. Lim Choon Ngee, the crab with a speckled with pepper sauce was the first known version of the Singapore Chilli Crab.

Currently the dish has several variations and to taste this delicacy is necessaire a nutcracker to break the hard shell of crabs, served with bread, baguette or Mantou.

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Hainan Chicken Rice is a dish of chinese origin. This is probably the main specialty of Singapore without doubt and favorite dish of Singaporeans and probably the most popular with visitors.

Considered the ‘beans and rice’ of Singapore is often served at international expositions and global events. He is one of the few local dishes served by Singapore airlines on its international flights.

Singapore Satay


Is one of the first foods associated with Sinagapore since the 40’s. Is a variation of Satay in Indonesia, which is actually a variation of the Arabic and Kebab and served with peanut sauce base.

The most common types of Stay sold in Singapore include Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay), Satay Lembu (beef Satay ) And Satay Kambing (Mutton Satay). Singapore Airlines, also serves Satay as an appetizer for First Class and Business Class

Singapore Bak Kut Teh


Eaten at breakfast or as a dinner, is a super simple and extremely tasty dish. In fact nothing more than a soup of pork ribs with herbs, garlic and usually served with white rice or fried dough with slices of chilli sauce Soy.

Roti Prata


Is a pancake-bread made ​​of dough egg, flour and water. Roti means bread in Hindi, It is traditionally served with curry, more rarely, with sugar or condensed milk. consumed at any time of day the majority tend to consume it at night or early morning



Is a combination of fruit and / or other vegetables.

The term “Rojak” originates from Malay and means mixture. Is usually served with potatoes, eggs, beans, fried shrimp, and served with a sauce agri – food.

Singapore Laksa


A very popular dish has its origins in Peranakam culture, a mix of Chinese and Malay.  Usually made of chicken or seafood, and spicy . Some use coconut milk, others take tamarind  sauce. However the best known version in Singapore is Katong Laksa.

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