5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

5 Best Boutique Hotels In TokyoThe Asian Interior Design team has brought to you by the most distinguished hotels in Tokyo, this selection was intended to boost your inspiration. Hospitality projects are a big part of the interior design world so get comfy and check these distinctive decor ambiances. Be inspired and the world will be inspired by you!

Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten

5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

If you are in the mood for classic and cozy Japanese ambiance, look no further. The Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten boutique hotel offers perfect harmony between a luxurious lifestyle and contemporary design. A poetic rambling through ancient Japanese beauty.


Palace Hotel Tokyo

5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning vistas and relaxing environments. The Palace Hotel Tokyo, with its serene and refined design, is imbued with understated luxury throughout. This boutique hotel is a real tribute to omotenashi – Japanese hospitality.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

When worlds collide and perfection in interior design is born. This is what the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel represents. With a mixture of contemporary Japanese architecture and harmonic decoration, this boutique hotel features a marvelous fusion of luxury design.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

When you take classic European style architecture and give it an oriental take, you get to the Tokyo Hotel Station Hotel. Strongly influenced by french interior design, this boutique hotel marvels at comfort and luxurious style. A mandatory stop for those in love with cultural fusions.


5 Best Boutique Hotels In Tokyo

Inspired by the traditional Japanese inns of late, the Hoshinoya Tokyo Hotel is a wonderful combination of classic design ideas of Japanese culture with a subtle contemporary design influence. If you want to take in the full Japanese experience, look no further this is the boutique hotel for you.


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