My dad is a designer: CIFF’s event cherishes children’s creativity

On March 18-21, 2020, CIFF China Home Expo (Guangzhou), together with the Yinghuochong Museum will gather more “dad” designers to meet you again, to make us rediscover our children’s creativity through “my dad is a designer”.

My dad is a designer: CIFF's event cherishes children's creativityWith “my dad is a designer” as the theme, the CIFF and the Yinghuochong Museum in March 2020 will be using environmental space to express love to children; using unique design language, original furniture and household products akin to their worldview.


In the next edition, five master interior designers will join hands with the city interior designers to create a creative space for the children to express their creativity.

My dad is a designer: CIFF's event cherishes children's creativity


“My dad is a designer” is one of the key projects of the CIFF China Home Expo (Guangzhou), and an important part of the “CIFF ten cities design Convention” series activities. In order to talk of design to the wider audience, the organizers find it crucial to interact with national designers to spread the importance of children’s growing environment to society. After the first exhibition in Shanghai, in the next edition five industry-renowned “father designers”, five first-tier cities, and nearly fifty urban design studios joined the forces to create a full range of spaces with characteristics and original spirit.

This edition of the CIFF will be aimed at children’s education and entertainment so that the “childlike innocence” of the design industry can bloom on the stage of the Home Expo. “My dad is a designer” aims to wake up the attention of all sectors of society to children’s environment growth and improvement.

My dad is a designer: CIFF's event cherishes children's creativityThe “CIFF ten city design Convention” series activities of the 45th China Home Expo (Guangzhou) are planned to be implemented in Wuhan, Jinan, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities, hoping to call on more designers to join CIFF China Home Expo, a large platform for home design.

My dad is a designer: CIFF's event cherishes children's creativityHere, we can’t help but talk about those behind “my dad is a designer”. The curator, Ms. Cao Chong, affirms, “We are no longer limited to the meaning of the appellation “Dad”. From a father’s feeling toward his children to the great love of the society, let the design condense the care and exhortation of the father’s love. CIFF calls on the whole society to improve and pay attention to the children’s environment, lead the design industry, and extend cross-border thinking. Because of the participation of children, the design becomes more vivid and lovely, making it full of vitality and bearing hope for the future.”



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