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Once Richard Rogers said: ´a room is a beginning of a city´.  If we multiple and give a rule to these rooms we create a house. A house can be repeated a thousand times and we have a city. Today we have no longer free space, we started to multiple our houses in the direction of the sky. Sky is infinite and man imagination is without limits: in Shanghai we assist the birth of the second tallest building of the world, the Gensler Tower, with 632 meters, a mixed-use type, described as ´self-contained city´.

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The Gensler Tower is a combination of the Shanghai´s traditional parks and neighborhoods, it´s curved façade and spiraling form symbolyze the dynamic emergence of modern China. Inside it, we live a diversity of interiors along with nature, people live their lifes autonomously, they live vertically, they reach the sky and look to stunning overviews!!

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Shanghai offers so many diferent ways of living, with it´s emphasis on public space and it´s shops, restaurants and other amenities strategically located at the floors with public atriums, Gensler Tower envisions a new way of inhabiting super-tal towers. Each of the building´s neighborhoods rises from a ´sky lobby´ at it´s base – a light-filled garden atrium that creates a sense of comunity and supports daily life.

Torre GENSLER 6artigo

The Gensler Tower by Gensler architects team.

The sky lobbies serve much as plazas and squares do, bringing people together throughout the day. People came here to work, to live, to have fun, is a vertical city they come to satelite of interiors. Those interiors are small rooms, with special ambiance, the details such as design pieces, finishings and forms. The building itself inspire for a contemporary lifestyle: a lot information happens here, fashion, technology, rythm are some of ´sounds´ of a vertical city.

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Shanghai skyline with Gensler Tower.